Used Double L 7040 “Legend” Harvestor

Wide Nose, 36” Spacing Swing Boom 60” Urethane Star Roller Table, Hyd. Adjust. 50mm Primary, 45mm Sec, Rear Cross, Ele, Boom, 180mm Vine Chain 48” Side Elevator and Rear Cross Frames Chrome Blades Primary & Secondary Rocker Shaker Joystick Controls w/ Legend App Training Wheels, LH/RH

STP MFG, Pro and Standard Pullers

Custom Built 2023 9-14′ HD Pull Type Scrapers

New Alloway High Speed S-Series & Standard Folding Topper

Hydraulic Folding Wings allows machine width to be reduced to 13’ for transport and storage Floating Six-Row Wings have individual depth control Two high-Capacity Reversible Gearboxes keep six drive belts short Extra-Large Clearance in rotor housing reduces soil build-up Folding Linkage specially designed to use vertical hydraulic cylinders to fold to a very narrow profile […]

Alloway 3130 Row Crop Cultivator

12R22 Rigid Frame, Rolling Shields and Setback S Tines

Ag. Engineering Dammer Diker