Why Pivots?

Getting the correct amount of water on your crop at the right time is crucial to obtaining higher yields, but it's also important to apply it uniformly. Zimmatic irrigation systems provide a cost-effective solution, alleviating risk when the weather isn't ideal for planting and growing conditions.

Design Team

Field experience and design expertise are both vital components when designing a new irrigation system. Double M has an experienced staff that will take the time to get to know your operation and design your system accordingly. 500 years experience lends us the ability to distinguish ourselves from other irrigation dealers. Pumps to sprinkler packages, start to finish, we have you covered.


Our team of installation experts specialize in ensuring that your system is installed to your specifications. The installation of center pivot irrigation equipment is our specialty. We make it our priority to ensure that your equipment is installed and operating without you having to worry about it.


We are here for you before, during and after the sale of any irrigation system. We are committed to keeping your system up and running, regardless of the make or model. Double M carries only top of the line irrigation equipment. Zimmatic irrigation systems are a proven and reliable water delivery system. Whether you are in the market for a smaller 4 1/2” machine or a larger system with customized corner capability, we have a system available that will meet your needs. Call or stop by and grow with our team. 

Enjoy Many Money-Saving Years

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When you convert to mechanical move irrigation, you're using a proven method of conserving water and improving your return on investment. Time, labor, fertilizer and chemicals are all conserved while reducing run off into streams.

FieldNet is an innovative web-based irrigation controller that allows remote, programmable control, with integrated GPS and wireless communication in one cost effective system. FieldNet enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of any electrically-driven center pivot.

Stay up to date with technology by using FieldNET Pro. Take advantage of these benefits.
FieldNET PRO Features and Benefits:

• An easy-to-install, cost-effective way to enhance the performance of an existing irrigation system
• Monitor and control most brands of pivots online or via your smartphone with FieldNET Mobile
• Fewer trips to the field – Up to75% labor savings
• GPS precision control of end-gun areas, programmable pivot shutdowns and water rate adjustment areas for improved efficiency

Our Commitment

"By providing you with quality Zimmatic products and GrowSmart technology, our ultimate goal is to give you the power of precision farming, while saving you time and money. With every new product we introduce and every advancement we make in irrigation technology, we remain committed to saving natural resources and improving resource management.  It's a simple goal that will help your bottom line.. and improve the lives of people everywhere." -Zimmatic

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